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Please find my latest works exhibited at Petrovka art studio 2016




I was born and live in Moscow and I love this city. This is the reason Moscow is often the main subject in my works.

I remember myself always drawing or painting, but over the last ten years I took it for serious: had professional courses with Galina Volkhonskaya, peek and spot into masters’ workshops of Totibadze brothers and Davina Garrida, live drawings with the Drawing Club.

As an artist, I seek to create dramatic impressions through strong contrast, vibrant colours, dense mass of paint and various textures. Texture is my passion, so I experiment a lot with surface using materials like newspaper and texture paste.

I am in constant search of beauty sparks in routine, trying to show the magic and play of light in common subjects, such as city streets or still life objects.

I travel a lot, make sketches and outdoor painting. My observation is that locals may find many fresh notes after these works, this brings back the taste and beauty to common subjects they used to see every day.

I consider the goal of my work is the search of means to depict the taste of time flow and emotion

My art style is blending three visual paradigms — realism, fiction and expressionism using as main instruments the work with textures color and meaning of substance.

Expositions: Central House of Artists, Moscow, Drawing Club 2014; Petrovka Art Studio 2016, Moscow 2015. Works are in private collections in Canada, USA and Russia.

Works are on sale at: http://www.saatchiart.com/dise